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The Privacy of Privacy

I took my diary out of the trunk which I used to hide from most of the people I know and put it back into its place( I won’t tell you the place, it’s a secret!). Took my pen and carefully sat down to write something in it so that someone doesn’t, hear me. You see I don’t want anybody to know that I have a diary and I really write things in it which I may not tell somebody. I am not quite sure why I do this secretly, maybe because I know the harsh truth that secrets and personals are not the things to keep to yourselves in this modern society. Well, if one wants to get noticed on social media he have to share something intresting, even if it’s your personal information. Atleast that’s what I’ve learnt, if you have something which may be precious to you, others would definitely try to have it too. Whether it’s money, friends, family, your personal information or even food! well sometimes. Not to mention the wealth and property which can be taken away from you just infront your eyes. Yeah I know it’s a little bitter truth, but what can be done. Anyway they say that bitter things are often useful to you don’t they. Of course medicines are bitter, and that ol’ mighty bitter melon which the kids hate. Parents say that they are useful to us. So it’s better to digest this bitter truth too that your privacy can be someone else’s hand also. Digest this truth, it may also probably do something good to you.


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